Koxinga’s Shrine

Koxinga or Zheng Cheng Gong, was a general of the Ming dynasty who arrived in Taiwan in 1661, a time when Dutch colonists were in control of Tainan. After nine months of fighting, the Dutch conceded defeat to Koxinga and his army.

During this time, the Manchurian Qing dynasty had overthrown the Ming back in China. Koxinga planned to rebuild his army in Taiwan, then return to retake the mainland. Sadly for him, this never happened as he died of malaria only a year later.

Some 21 years later, Koxinga’s grandson, who was only 14 years old at the time, ceded the island to the Qing dynasty. The shrine itself was built in the sixties and doesn’t have much to offer, however it is still worth a visit for the fascinating history.

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