Snow Mountain (Xueshan)

Though not the tallest mountain in Taiwan (that right belongs to Yushan), Snow Mountain comes in at a close second in terms of height, but an outright winner in terms of beauty.

There’s so much to see on the way to the peak, including stunning views of the Wuling Valley, the Black Forest and the alpine cirque just before the top.

The hike can be done in 2 days, though 3 is better. Be aware that, at this elevation, even the summer nights are cold. In the winter, there’s a good chance of seeing snow (It is called Snow Mountain, after all!).

Permits must be applied for at the Shei Pa National Park website. It can be difficult to get a weekend permit, so be sure to apply early, and at least 7 days in advance.

If you’re interested in hiking Snow Mountain, contact Taiwan Adventures for more information.

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1 Review

  1. Stuart Dawson, 4 years ago

    My favourite hike in Taiwan. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, Snow Mountain is a great place to hike


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