How to get there


The main east coast line runs through Toucheng and the slower trains will stop at most stations on the way. See individual listing for exact details. Taipei to Toucheng $184/142NT 1hr/1hr 30mins.


If you are heading to Jiaoxi, taking a bus is possibly the fastest option. The bus #1572 leaves from the new bus station near Taipei City Hall and only takes about 40 mins. Tickets are $90NT each way. You can also put your bicycle in the baggage compartment if you take off the front wheel.


The 75km trip over highway 9 to Jiaoxi from Xindian MRT station is one of our favorite rides. The scenery is outstanding, the road is in perfect condition, there a a few tough climbs but nothing too steep, and there are a few downhill sections to give your legs a rest, too. It is about a 3 4 hour ride, and about halfway you pass through the village of Pinglin where you can get supplies.


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